Tally Fashionista – Emily

Summer is finally here! With finals upon us, Emily decided to cut her stressful school day short and headed to the pool to let loose with some friends. Her spring inspired look was hippie chic from the round Tom ford sunnies down to her suede lace up sandals that were adorned with deep blue feathers.

Emily said that her ensemble started with the feather print bathing suit top displaying a beautiful array of different shades of pink. She took this opportunity to top it off with her new creme colored crochet vest from Free People that she’s been dying to wear. My favorite part of this fashionistas look is her accessories! The Chan Luu bracelet is a must have this season and she made a smart choice by getting it in brown if you ask me. Love this look!

Photo taken with Canon 5D by the hottest photographer ever Harrison Steg


3 Comments on “Tally Fashionista – Emily”

  1. Ellen Goldstein says:

    does everyone walk around Tally half naked?ha, ha?

  2. Ellen Goldstein says:

    Emily looks very CURRENT in her fashion application

  3. Sasha says:

    We really were on our way to the pool, I swear! haha for summer days in Tallahassee I think its okay 😉

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